Gemstone, Crystals and Minerals – Part 2

Continuation from Part 1

Today, I will cover the various ways gemstones, crystals and minerals plays an important part in my daily life.

Around my working desk, my bedroom, shower room and my home, there are crystal stones present all over the place. I understand the energies present in each stone and cater to the area.

Naturally, each crystal stone has its own attributes and properties. But at the same time, not all stones attracts one. Each of us will tend to like one crystal stone to the other. So, it differs by person. Below are some stones present in my residence area.

For various properties of crystals, below is one weblink. You can also find numerous articles and links on crystals available in the web. For some crystals that I currently have, I have purchased it from Crystal Vaults. For some, from other direct suppliers in USA or China.

I not only place various crystals around my home for good, positive, healing energy. I also consume water of various crystals. Before you think I will soak raw, direct crystals into my drinking water, no, I don’t do that. There are glass bottles available in the market – I will cover that next week, Monday in Part 3.

Crystal Vaults

various crystals around my bedroom - esther neela blog
Various Crystals found around my work desk
Lapis Lazuli, “Mini” Amethyst Cave, Fluorite Ball, Carnelian, Charoite, etc


various crystals around my bedroom - esther neela blog


Various crystals found on my elder son desk - esther neela blog
Crystals found on my elder son’s desk
Tiger Eye Pyramid, Opal, White Howlite, Fluorite


Citrine pieces - esther neela blog
The money stone – citrine pieces


Crushed red crystal stones in the shape of Chinese hulu - esther neels blog
Crushed red crystal stones in Chinese Hulu


Strawberry Quartz and Yellow Topaz - esther neela blog
Strawberry Quartz and Yellow Topaz


Nepal Quartz Cluster - Esther Neela Blog
Nepal Quartz Cluster
Various crystals - on my son's desk - Esther Neela Blog
On my elder son desk – various crystals


various crystals on my desk - esther neela blog
Various crystals on my desk


Yellow Jade - Esther Neela Blog
Yellow Jade


Various crystals in my bedroom - Esther Neela Blog
Various Crystals around my bedroom


crystal quartz in my living room - esther neela blog
Crystal Quartz in my living room

Gemstone, Crystals and Minerals – Part 1

As I am in the holistic and healing line, elements such as water, minerals, crystals and gemstones forms a very important part of the healing process I use on my students and clients.

But using of crystals and other stones is not new. It has existed since ancient days. No one can deny the importance of crystals and gemstones in Ancient Egyptian times. Many tombs discovered consists of the priceless crystals and gemstones such as lapis lazuli, malachite, turquoise and more. One famous tomb found full of treasures and mysteries is that of King Tutankhamun’s.

You can read more of the treasures found there in the below link:

Other than Ancient Egyptians, many other Ancient Civilizations  and / or cultures have used crystals and minerals in their daily life activities and for other purposes. Many articles exists online of this.

But I have found two below. You can always search the web for more articles or books to know more.

A Brief History of Crystals and Healing by Crystal Age

How Ancient Cultures Used Healing Crystals and Stones by

Well, that is for introduction. Stay tuned for Part 2 (next Monday) on how crystals, minerals and gemstones plays an important role in my daily life…


Reminder Bands from "The Mindful Company"

As a teacher, I do need a daily boost and reminders, isn’t it? 🙂

I found “The Mindful Company” which sells reminder bands. And of course, I was hooked onto some of its items and purchased them. They arrived 2 days ago and I just had time to take a closer look and take pictures…..Below are the pictures I have taken. Excuse the poor lighting as it was taken very early morning and I was struggling with the phone and lighting etc…
I purchased, “Gratitude”, “Trust” and “Breathe” – these 3 words plays a very important role in my life, each with a different purpose. Nevertheless, all of us need to be grateful on a daily basis, and to have trust on ourselves and in the Universe and remember that our breaths alters our emotions and feelings. We have all that we need and at times we forget in the midst of daily life happenings and events.
For more information and professional looking pictures of the items here are the links. Delivery within Singapore is free and they deliver to other countries too. All details can be found in their website. Packaging is great too. You can gift it to someone too….
For the pictures of my purchased items and how it looks on my wrist, here it is! It is easy to alter as my wrist is relatively small in size (though in the picture it can look big! 🙂 ). I am still “learning” how to toggle for the “Breathe” band braid. I am sure that I will get it eventually…. 🙂
The Mindful Company - Purchased Reminder Bands & Braids - Esther Neela Blog
The Mindful Company – Purchased Bands and Braids


The Mindful Company - Purchased Reminder Bands and Braids - Esther Neela
The Mindful Company – Closer look of the packaging


The Mindful Company - Purchased Reminder Bands and Braids - Esther Neela
The Mindful Company – Purchased Bands and Braids


The Mindful Company - Purchased Reminder Bands and Braids - Esther Neela
The Mindful Company – Purchased Bands & Braid


The Mindful Company – Band “Gratitude”


The Mindful Company – Braid “Breathe”


The Mindful Company – Band “Trust”


The Mindful Company - Packaging - Esther Neela
The Mindful Company – Packaging
The Mindful Company - Bands and Braid on my wrist - Esther Neela
On my wrist, Bands “Trust”, “Gratitude” and Braid “Breathe”


The Mindful Company - Bands on my wrist - Esther Neela
On my wrist, “Trust” and “Gratitude”

Foot Soaks

One of my best way to unwind each day is to have a foot soak before my night shower. If you are not well versed with herbs and on essential oils, you can also use “ready made” mixtures available at any beauty care stores. If I am too tired to make my own soak, I use the “ready made” from Body Shop and / or L’Occitane. Below are some of my best “ready made”….

Do not think that scrubs cannot be used as foot soaks. In fact, they are ready to be used as foot soaks too! You have to try it yourself to feel the difference…

Loccitane Aromachologie Revitalizing Body Scrub,27,1,1952,621235.htm#s=39569

Body Shop Spa of the World Mediterranean Sea Salt Scrub or other kinds too…

After a relaxing shower, do not forget to give yourself a good massage with either lavender massage oil or any other suitable massage oil.