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Note: I am not a travel blogger. Neither am I intending to. I am a casual blogger – I blog when I feel like and when I feel the need. I appreciate if someone stops by and takes time to read my blog posts. I do not intend to make money out of my blogs. Like mentioned earlier, I do it for leisure and I am happy to do that. I care less about the number of followers and likes. I am very contented to write my heart out of my various thoughts, feelings and findings. Should one or more posts from this blog have given someone happiness and positive vibes, I am truly in gratitude.


“The key to your life is in your own hands. 
Do not delay in living your life!”
~ Esther Neela ~

My name is Esther Neela. I love the holistic way of living. I am into Meditation, Reiki, Qigong, Yoga, The Tapping Solution and Natural Therapies. I am also a Zenist – believer and living in the way of Zen tradition. I am also a cat lover too 🙂

In addition to that, I am a lover of snail mails too…in this technology age, a letter or a postcard in my mailbox is a pure delight to me!!!
I used to be in PostCrossing. But due to the lack of time and other commitments, I have ceased PostCrossing activities. For those who are curious to know more about PostCrossing, please refer to the below link.


In terms of holistic knowledge and experience, I have various knowledge of Zen tradition and other traditional lineages of healing and spiritual knowledge.

Just like many others, I used to be in the Corporate world for many years. Wanting to dedicate my full time and attention to Holistic aspects (such as teaching yoga, meditation, energy healing), I left the Corporate world. I spent some years full time doing the holistic job and running online stores successfully. There were certain factors that hindered my continuation in holistic and online retail business full time. After very careful consideration, I have put a stop to the full-time holistic teachings and online retail business. I am now back to the Corporate world. Wanting to keep the holistic and spiritual “fire” alive in me, I am spending my time in blog writings.

I am truly grateful to the Universe for letting me spend some full time in the holistic business. Now, I am taking all the experiences and lessons that I had when I was in the holistic line full time and back to the Corporate world as a “new” person.

I blog on quotes, articles or anything that is inspirational or motivational, like my yearly travels and more. I believe in spreading love and joy in the daily things we do or just by our daily living. Our very own presence can be a source of motivation and happiness to someone if we want to.

Well, what is my philosophy in life? My Philosophy in life: KIS – Keep It Simple! This is my philosophy when it comes to skincare range and/or spiritual/holistic aspects.
Spiritual concepts or practices need not be so complicated. Our daily life is already complicated with so many matters and happenings. Why complicate it further? That is the reason I came up with KIS and live according to that.
Similarly, when it comes to body and skin care, KIS still applies. I keep it simple when comes to food, daily skin and body care.

The more things are simplified, the more life becomes less hassle and more easy to live through…I practice this not only myself but motivate my family and friends to simplify anything and everything as much as possible.

To conclude, this is one of my favourite Zen Quote,
“Move always towards greater simplicity”.

Keep It Simple (KIS) always…You will be amazed how easy life can be…

If you have taken time to read this, thank you so much and hope you will find something that is meaningful and helpful to you in any of my writings.

Spread Love and Happiness Wherever You Go and Wherever You Are!

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