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I am not a travel easy personality… In fact, I do my research like crazy before I travel. I am not the type who can just go somewhere and be surprised. I prefer to do advance planning for my travels. It is not to say I do not like surprises, a bit of surprises here and there is fine for me. After all, I do believe that unexpected instances and moments do add “spice” to life. I only travel out of my home country for holidays once a year and I want that to go well. Who would not?

December 2018 is my first time flying or travelling to a destination via airplanes. Okay, that might sound “ancient” to some people. I am the type who prefers to travel via cruises instead of airplanes. Not sure why…but the idea of travelling via cruise is always pleasing to me than to travel via airplanes! Okay, the furthest I have travelled from my home country (Singapore) is to Thailand (Bangkok, Phuket, Patong). I have gone to many destinations in Malaysia (Malacca, Penang, Muar, Pahang (Tioman Island), Selangor, Langkawi, Kedah, Kuala Lumpur, Johore Bahru and more) via cruise ships, private cars or big coaches. Hey! Malaysia still has many places for me to explore…and I intend to do that more often soon, I hope.

Let me just add – I do not get any commission or special benefits by mentioning any company contact details and services.

Happy reading and Happy travelling with me… 🙂

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Soon to be updated…my travels in 2019

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