Beautiful Letter Writing Stationery

If you are looking for beautiful paper to write a letter or send a short note to your friend via postal mail, you can consider Peter Pauper Press Stationery Sets and Note Cards. They are not only beautiful and made of high quality paper, those are affordable too. 

If you are residing in a country where they do not ship their items, you can also consider Amazon to purchase their items.

I usually purchase from Amazon their items. I love their papers, books, bookmarks and note cards. Check out their website below.

Author: Esther Neela M.

A blog from a Zen living enthusiast. I am into Meditation, Reiki, Yoga, Qigong, The Tapping Solution and Natural Therapies such as Ayurveda. Life moments are to be treated like a treasure. After all, life is indeed a treasure!

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