Healthy Eating: Oats

Last week, I covered on raisins and its benefits. Today, I will briefly write on oats. Oats has existed in many forms and in many varieties and my all time favorite will be Quaker Oats and I am going to cover some aspects on it. This brand has been in existence for 130 years!

History of Quaker Oats – get to know briefly the downs and ups of this company

Even in oats, there are varieties such as “Old Fashioned”, “Quick”, “Instant” and “Steel Cut”. Don’t understand what I am saying? Refer to the below link, with pictures and details….

People these days are environment conscious and going “green”. Below is Quaker Oats part of being environmentally friendly….

Recipe for Vanishing Oatmeal Raisin Cookies – my personal favorite

Recipe for Famous Oatmeal Cookies

And my simple version of oatmeal “snack” is with raisins (Sunmaid). That is something I can never resist….

As mentioned earlier, or simple logic, each of us vary in our nutritional needs.
Practice moderation for any kind of food and always have a variety of greens and colors….
Have liquids in your daily diet – in the form of water, juice and soups…and most importantly, remember to add qualities like gratitude and positiveness in your daily life!

Let’s all enjoy the goodness of oats! 🙂

Goodness of Oats! Esther Neela Blog
Goodness of Oats! Esther Neela Blog

Author: Esther Neela M.

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