Introducing Global Pen Friends

Apart from IPF (International Pen Friends), there is another platform where one can get snail mail friends and / or email friends.

I managed to get quite a number of snail mail friends from Global Pen Friends. Unlike some other sites, Global Pen Friends gives some credits to new profiles created. Or if you wish to make use of the Premium Members Benefits, there are some fees involved.

If you are keen, explore their website and begin your search for international friends via email or snail mail. All the best!


Introducing IPF

My journey with IPF (International Pen Friends) did not begin very recently. I was a IPF member since my teens and used to exchange letters then. Of course, as years went by and life got busy, I lost contacts with the friends I wrote to in my teens. Now, I am back again to IPF and am getting quite a number of friends.

If you are keen and patient enough and disciplined to write and wait for letters, you can consider IPF. Virpi, the representative I contacted is very fast and very helpful too!

Below are the details:

International Pen Friends
Virpi Taivassalo (IPF Representative)
Meesakatu 2 C 78
33400 Tampere