Zodiacs and Crystal Stones

In the past, I shared quite a number of information and articles on the various healing stones and its properties. If you are still in doubt on some crystals or stones, the most informative website that will come handy for you will be this: Healing Crystals for You

If you are unsure where to start on knowing the crystals and their properties, I suggest you start with your Zodiac sign and the appropriate stones. While many may argue (or even debate) on the correctness of this, I feel that it is more safe to start with that than purchasing a stone unknowingly.
Another way is to trust your instincts. If one particular stone has been attracting you with its vibration, then my suggestion is to go for it….
Okay, back to Zodiacs and the Stones….visit this page….
Soon I will be sharing in depth with you on how some crystal stones has assisted me or my student in our daily life…
Zodiacs and Crystal Stones - Esther Neela Blog

Gemstone, Crystals and Minerals – Part 3

Continuation from part 2….

Now coming to crystal water. I drink water daily treated via crystals and it is called VitaJuwel. I have several collection of the bottles and also the vials. Even my pet cats are drinking the gemstone water, for their health and wellbeing.

Gemstone water is not new to the market. Since ancient days, gemstones have been used to purify water.

I purchase these items in Singapore. All information can be found in the below links (scroll after the pictures for the list of links).

I share this as personally myself, my family, my friends and pet cats are benefiting from it. Simple changes to daily routine in our life will make it more healthy and worthwhile. Why not consider switching to gemstone water instead?

You can “taste” the difference of water of each blend and also can feel the difference. Putting crystal stones directly into water for drinking purpose is not healthy as we will not be sure of the impurities present. But using VitaJuwel bottles and vials is definitely a better choice as the crystals are packed nicely in glass.

VitaJuwel Bottles - Happy Moments (Pistachio Opal), Fitness (Red Jasper), Passion (Carnelian) and Allure (Garnet) - Esther Neela Blog
Various Blends: VitaJuwel Bottles – Happy Moments (Pistachio Opal), Fitness (Red Jasper), Passion (Carnelian) and Allure (Garnet)


VitaJuwel Bottles - Happy Moments (Pistachio Opal), Fitness (Red Jasper), Passion (Carnelian) and Allure (Garnet) - Esther Neela Blog
VitaJuwel Bottles – Happy Moments (Pistachio Opal), Fitness (Red Jasper), Passion (Carnelian) and Allure (Garnet)


  VitaJuwel Bottles OLDER Version - Inner Purity (Aquamarine) and Momentum (Agate Moss, Opal, Chalcedony) - Esther Neela Blog
VitaJuwel Bottles OLDER Version – Inner Purity (Aquamarine) and Momentum (Agate Moss, Opal, Chalcedony)


VitaJuwel Bottles - Pods - Esther Neela Blog
Old version bottle pod cannot be removed.
Newer version the pods can be exchanged.


VitaJuwel Bottles - Pods - Esther Neela Blog
Different part of the bottles, pods, etc.

YouTube Video – An introduction to Gem Water and VitaJuwel

YouTube Video – VitaJuwel ViA – Introducing Crystal Water Bottles


Scientific evaluation by German Institute Hagalis, Überlingen proofs VitaJuwel’s effect on water



Singapore Vitajuwel

Various Blends

Gemstone, Crystals and Minerals – Part 2

Continuation from Part 1

Today, I will cover the various ways gemstones, crystals and minerals plays an important part in my daily life.

Around my working desk, my bedroom, shower room and my home, there are crystal stones present all over the place. I understand the energies present in each stone and cater to the area.

Naturally, each crystal stone has its own attributes and properties. But at the same time, not all stones attracts one. Each of us will tend to like one crystal stone to the other. So, it differs by person. Below are some stones present in my residence area.

For various properties of crystals, below is one weblink. You can also find numerous articles and links on crystals available in the web. For some crystals that I currently have, I have purchased it from Crystal Vaults. For some, from other direct suppliers in USA or China.

I not only place various crystals around my home for good, positive, healing energy. I also consume water of various crystals. Before you think I will soak raw, direct crystals into my drinking water, no, I don’t do that. There are glass bottles available in the market – I will cover that next week, Monday in Part 3.

Crystal Vaults

various crystals around my bedroom - esther neela blog
Various Crystals found around my work desk
Lapis Lazuli, “Mini” Amethyst Cave, Fluorite Ball, Carnelian, Charoite, etc


various crystals around my bedroom - esther neela blog


Various crystals found on my elder son desk - esther neela blog
Crystals found on my elder son’s desk
Tiger Eye Pyramid, Opal, White Howlite, Fluorite


Citrine pieces - esther neela blog
The money stone – citrine pieces


Crushed red crystal stones in the shape of Chinese hulu - esther neels blog
Crushed red crystal stones in Chinese Hulu


Strawberry Quartz and Yellow Topaz - esther neela blog
Strawberry Quartz and Yellow Topaz


Nepal Quartz Cluster - Esther Neela Blog
Nepal Quartz Cluster
Various crystals - on my son's desk - Esther Neela Blog
On my elder son desk – various crystals


various crystals on my desk - esther neela blog
Various crystals on my desk


Yellow Jade - Esther Neela Blog
Yellow Jade


Various crystals in my bedroom - Esther Neela Blog
Various Crystals around my bedroom


crystal quartz in my living room - esther neela blog
Crystal Quartz in my living room

Gemstone, Crystals and Minerals – Part 1

As I am in the holistic and healing line, elements such as water, minerals, crystals and gemstones forms a very important part of the healing process I use on my students and clients.

But using of crystals and other stones is not new. It has existed since ancient days. No one can deny the importance of crystals and gemstones in Ancient Egyptian times. Many tombs discovered consists of the priceless crystals and gemstones such as lapis lazuli, malachite, turquoise and more. One famous tomb found full of treasures and mysteries is that of King Tutankhamun’s.

You can read more of the treasures found there in the below link:

Other than Ancient Egyptians, many other Ancient Civilizations  and / or cultures have used crystals and minerals in their daily life activities and for other purposes. Many articles exists online of this.

But I have found two below. You can always search the web for more articles or books to know more.

A Brief History of Crystals and Healing by Crystal Age

How Ancient Cultures Used Healing Crystals and Stones by QuantumStones.com

Well, that is for introduction. Stay tuned for Part 2 (next Monday) on how crystals, minerals and gemstones plays an important role in my daily life…