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As a member, each of us will have a member page in the PostCrossing website to show the sent and received postcards. Below are my pages, where you can take a look at the profile, sent postcards and received postcards.

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Beautiful Letter Writing Stationery

If you are looking for beautiful paper to write a letter or send a short note to your friend via postal mail, you can consider Peter Pauper Press Stationery Sets and Note Cards. They are not only beautiful and made of high quality paper, those are affordable too. 

If you are residing in a country where they do not ship their items, you can also consider Amazon to purchase their items.

I usually purchase from Amazon their items. I love their papers, books, bookmarks and note cards. Check out their website below.

Healthy Eating: Nuts

Living in Singapore, we are blessed to have access to many kinds of food. While we may be focusing on too much on big items such as noodles, rice and vegetables for our daily dietary needs, it is also important to note that nuts can also play a crucial role too. Below is an article on the various kinds of nuts and its benefits. There are also recipes too…Read and apply it to your daily diet…

Japanese Folktale: The Mirror of Matsuyama

Esther’s Note: A heart moving story of a child’s love for her mother and values of filial piety. Shows the unconditional love of the child…

In ancient days there lived in a remote part of Japan a man and his wife, and they were blessed with a little girl, who was the pet and idol of her parents. On one occasion the man was called away on business in distant Kyoto. Before he went he told his daughter that if she were good and dutiful to her mother he would bring her back a present she would prize very highly. Then the good man took his departure, mother and daughter watching him go.

At last he returned to his home, and after his wife and child had taken off his large hat and sandals he sat down upon the white mats and opened a bamboo basket, watching the eager gaze of his little child. He took out a wonderful doll and a lacquer box of cakes and put them into her outstretched hands. Once more he dived into his basket, and presented his wife with a metal mirror. Its convex surface shone brightly, while upon its back there was a design of pine trees and storks.

The good man’s wife had never seen a mirror before, and on gazing into it she was under the impression that another woman looked out upon her as she gazed with growing wonder. Her husband explained the mystery and bade her take great care of the mirror.

Not long after this happy homecoming and distribution of presents the woman became very ill. Just before she died she called to her little daughter, and said: “Dear child, when I am dead take every care of your father. You will miss me when I have left you. But take this mirror, and when you feel most lonely look into it and you will always see me.” Having said these words she passed away.

In due time the man married again, and his wife was not at all kind to her stepdaughter. But the little one, remembering her mother’s words, would retire to a corner and eagerly look into the mirror, where it seemed to her that she saw her dear mother’s face, not drawn in pain as she had seen it on her deathbed, but young and beautiful.

One day this child’s stepmother chanced to see her crouching in a corner over an object she could not quite see, murmuring to herself. This ignorant woman, who detested the child and believed that her stepdaughter detested her in return, fancied that this little one was performing some strange magical art–perhaps making an image and sticking pins into it. Full of these notions, the stepmother went to her husband and told him that his wicked child was doing her best to kill her by witchcraft.

When the master of the house had listened to this extraordinary recital he went straight to his daughter’s room. He took her by surprise, and immediately the girl saw him she slipped the mirror into her sleeve. For the first time her doting father grew angry, and he feared that there was, after all, truth in what his wife had told him, and he repeated her tale forthwith.

When his daughter had heard this unjust accusation she was amazed at her father’s words, and she told him that she loved him far too well ever to attempt or wish to kill his wife, who she knew was dear to him.

“What have you hidden in your sleeve?” said her father, only half convinced and still much puzzled.

“The mirror you gave my mother, and which she on her deathbed gave to me. Every time I look into its shining surface I see the face of my dear mother, young and beautiful. When my heart aches–and oh! it has ached so much lately–I take out the mirror, and mother’s face, with sweet, kind smile, brings me peace, and helps me to bear hard words and cross looks.”

Then the man understood and loved his child the more for her filial piety. Even the girl’s stepmother, when she knew what had really taken place, was ashamed and asked forgiveness. And this child, who believed she had seen her mother’s face in the mirror, forgave, and trouble forever departed from the home.

Source: F. Hadland Davis, Myths and Legends of Japan 
(London: George G. Harrap and Company, 1912), pp. 196-98.

Foot Soaks

One of my best way to unwind each day is to have a foot soak before my night shower. If you are not well versed with herbs and on essential oils, you can also use “ready made” mixtures available at any beauty care stores. If I am too tired to make my own soak, I use the “ready made” from Body Shop and / or L’Occitane. Below are some of my best “ready made”….

Do not think that scrubs cannot be used as foot soaks. In fact, they are ready to be used as foot soaks too! You have to try it yourself to feel the difference…

Loccitane Aromachologie Revitalizing Body Scrub,27,1,1952,621235.htm#s=39569

Body Shop Spa of the World Mediterranean Sea Salt Scrub or other kinds too…

After a relaxing shower, do not forget to give yourself a good massage with either lavender massage oil or any other suitable massage oil.

What is PostCrossing?

Postcrossing is an online project that allows its members to send and receive postcards from all over the world. The project’s tag line is “send a postcard and receive a postcard back from a random person somewhere in the world!”

Just as I am enjoying the postcrossing project, why don’t you too step in with me just like many others to make a difference to someone’s life by sending a postcard and in a way assisting to make a world a better place to live in!

For more details, refer:

Introducing IPF

My journey with IPF (International Pen Friends) did not begin very recently. I was a IPF member since my teens and used to exchange letters then. Of course, as years went by and life got busy, I lost contacts with the friends I wrote to in my teens. Now, I am back again to IPF and am getting quite a number of friends.

If you are keen and patient enough and disciplined to write and wait for letters, you can consider IPF. Virpi, the representative I contacted is very fast and very helpful too!

Below are the details:

International Pen Friends
Virpi Taivassalo (IPF Representative)
Meesakatu 2 C 78
33400 Tampere

Stats: Postcards exchanged in 2016

Postcards exchanged in 2016

Sent 31 postcards Received 33 postcards
 SG-230672 TheRedBaron 24 Dec
 SG-230872 johanna1947 20 Dec
 SG-230360 iwalenty 16 Dec
 SG-229560 Brindle 13 Dec
 SG-228856 WY  11 Dec
 SG-228394 penybank  8 Dec
 SG-225540 IrGenivan 4 Dec
 SG-226925 Zayarina 2 Dec
 SG-228836 Christa_Monika 24 Nov
 SG-228199 petrajordania 21 Nov
 SG-227280 eyraruna  17 Nov
 SG-228048 Nolablue 16 Nov
 SG-220711 vosmay 14 Nov
 SG-226780 Haiyou 11 Nov
 SG-227281 read-addict  9 Nov
 SG-227047 Bidi 7 Nov
 SG-224712 snakedoctor 30 Oct
 SG-225541 bugs7 27 Oct
 SG-225758 Hexle 25 Oct
 SG-225606 JanaHolanova 24 Oct
 SG-225278 olesya_77 23 Oct
 SG-224354 edogal 12 Oct
 SG-224685 SvetlanaLoiko 11 Oct
 SG-224353 Sumpfdotterblume 7 Oct
 SG-220715 Mila-mila 30 Sep
 SG-223536 outihp 29 Sep
 SG-223129 viva_joker 26 Sep
 SG-222041 xiaoxuehui 16 Sep
 SG-221936 Chumley  11 Sep
 SG-220709 Akroma  27 Aug
 SG-220720 PetraG 25 Aug
 BY-2014379 T_Anny 30 Dec
 CZ-1077374 Urbancikovi 19 Dec
 RU-5230312 smrtori 16 Dec
 UA-1504670 Ulusik 16 Dec
 DE-5783301 pronto28a 13 Dec
 JP-906802 michina 13 Dec
 BY-2004172 Petrashkevich_Dasha 7 Dec
 RU-5233060 zvzd 7 Dec
 FI-2862214 Satumaria 7 Dec
 PT-499346 manelmor 30 Nov
 DE-5749950 Meschede 29 Nov
 CZ-1067389 statkar 29 Nov
 CN-2039643 LIUSHIJUN 15 Nov
 RU-5156425 Spring_Ola 11 Nov
 CA-674242 renegade_cavalcade 9 Nov
 RU-5114907 Topa 9 Nov
 FR-764301 york1987 8 Nov
 CN-2071165 lovelykate 8 Nov
 JP-891889 tonsuke1203 7 Nov
 ES-435636 palencesar 1 Nov
 JP-889447 ed16 31 Oct
 RU-5111861 26 Oct
 BR-411795 sayama05 25 Oct
 CZ-1025030 kvikal 21 Oct
 DE-5638432 Nordbaer  18 Oct
 IN-208860 roy17nov 13 Oct
 LK-9523 Chamal 12 Oct
 DE-5613944 Sophia75 11 Oct
 NL-3585325 remie 6 Oct
 NL-3570970 Evreux 3 Oct
 DE-5555206 sweet_harmony 16 Sep
 DE-5529432 starrysky 6 Sep
 SI-137841 Janja321 1 Sep