Zen Fridays – 2022 Diary / Journal

Another year will be over soon. We will be welcoming another new year soon. Anything new offers us an opportunity to look at things from a new perspective. I write journals or reflections daily. For the coming new year, 2022, I have purchased a planner and a Pursebook from Mori. Mori is a women-run business, giving opportunities for women to earn a living while supporting their families.

You can read more on their initiative here:

Mori Initiative

Mori Pursebook Collections

Mori Planners

I have decorated my 2022 planner with stickers. The below pictures shows my 2022 Mori Diary.

So, if you are a regular journal keeper, what will yours be for the coming year? 🙂

Journal Writing or Diary Writing

In this technology or electronic world, how many of us are still in the habit of diary writing or journal writing (as some may call it)? I am not a totally online person when comes to journal writing. I prefer to write on paper. In my schooling days (in 1980s and 1990s), there used to have much emphasis on diary writing – in a way for expressing or just improving our writing skills or more…
There was always great joy in me in those days when I wrote diary entries. As I grew older and we were shifting homes, I threw those diaries away. Now, looking back, how I wished that I kept those precious book of thoughts and feelings of mine!
These days, I am back to diary writing or journal writing. I do not write on a daily basis, but I do write as and when I get time. In my diary writing, I do keep my favourite movie tickets, concert tickets and write about my feelings after watching those. There will be days when the entries are more of complains, etc. There will be days when there is something that inspired me and more….It is a more of writing down my thoughts and feelings and at the same time self-discovery too. After some time, when I read back the past entries of mine, I am at times amused and at times shocked or surprised too J
Now, what kind of books do I use to write record my diary entries?
I purchase books either from Amazon or Typo. I love Peter Pauper books. Lately, I have been hooked onto Lang books. Not all of Lang books are eligible to be shipped to Singapore. So, I am selective in my choice. I prefer the type of books that can lay open as I write and not “close” back as I am writing. I am also choosy in my writing instruments. The writing instruments I choose needs to be smooth and not jerky or ink blotching as I pause and think (mainly I use Pilot range of pens). I am not the type who draws in my diary entries. But I do paste quite a number of things that inspire me, like a short saying I saw somewhere, a recipe, a nice picture and so on.
Below is an example what I have for on the first page of my journal for this year…
First Page of 2017 Journal Writing - Esther Neela Blog
First page of this year journal


Are you interested to explore the world of journal writing? But you do not know where to start? Below is a link that might come useful for you. Read the tips, visit the links and start your journey.
Center for Journal Therapy
First Journal after a long time…from Peter Pauper Press and Josephine Wall
Currently, using this….from Peter Pauper Press
Others that I have purchased, but not used yet….from Peter Pauper Press
…..from Peter Pauper Press
…from Lang
…from Typo
Typo ranges are always ever changing. What I purchase will not be available in a month time. So, I purchase the books anytime I like the design.


All the best to you to discover yourself in the world of journal writing!